viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2011

Our jeopardylabs about energy

Today to review the unit 4 of Science, the 6thB class will use the

Where do you can find the game to edit and write the questions?
Click here to edit and after save.
After we will embed the game.

My Jeopardy Template

viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2011


The 6thB ´s pupils have done a activity in PE.
This activity consists in create their own general warm-up.
You can see here their videos with their exercises and pictures.
I hope you like it.

Our warm up on PhotoPeach

Warm up on PhotoPeach

warm up on PhotoPeach

Our general warm up on PhotoPeach

Our general warm-up on PhotoPeach

jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2011

What do you need to present your vocabulary of Unit 2??

You need to make two scripts.
The first script is used to present to your partners:

  • Greetings.
  • Say " We have the pleasure to present..." " Their names are..."
  • Say bye-bye like "Enjoy with them"
The second script is used to present our work.

  • Say "hello...." present you work.
  • Explain your activity.
  • Explain the words and the meaning.
  • How do you say GOODBYE? Example: I will say " Tata for all and remember Hakuna Matata"
I hope you will use these scripts. Good luck in your presentations

Herramientas 2.0 y portales que usamos.

En esta entrada vas a poder encontrar todas las herramientas que vamos utilizando en clase y todos las web que necesitamos conocer.

    • Nuestra red social educativa EDMODO.
    • Herramientas para hacer comics:
    • Herramientas para hacer fotomontajes:
    • Herramientas para vídeos de mi pantalla:
    • Herramientas para hacer libros o guías digitales:
    • Herramientas para hacer programas de radio:
    • Herramientas para hacer líneas del tiempo:
    • Herramientas para hacer posters digitales:
    • Herramientas para hacer murales o brainstorming:
    • Herramientas para hacer wordclouds: