lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011

UNIT 6 IRELAND, lesson 9 who wants to be a millionaire?

Today we will review all the previous lesson, why you will think.
Because today we start to create our evaluation game. And this evaluation game will be Who Wants to be a millionaire?

What do you have to do?
It is easy, you should make fifteen questions with four possibles answers about the eight lessons of the unit. And you know, a answer should be the right answer.
But you should make this in the groups which we are working in this unit.
When each group will have the document word with the fifteen questions, and each question with the four answers. Obviously the right answer should be underlined.
Each one have to send me the document by edmodo.
The last day to send me this document is the 4th of May of 2011.
Good luck, mates

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