miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

Your general warm

Good afternoon:
Today you will do the next activity your general warm:
How do you do this?
  1. Be in groups.
  2. Take a laptop, a camera and a notebook.
  3. Divide the work (camera, actors, scripter...)
  4. Think how you start your general warm up. (From up to down, from down to up, just legs, just arms...)
  5. Think how many exercises you will make.
  6. Think about the photos you will take with the exercises.
  7. When you finish everything. All the group has to make a photo peach.If you want you could use Movie Maker. Somebody of the group has to log in.
  8. In your photo peach you have to do:
    1. Title and song.
    2. General description about the activity.
    3. Photo with the description.
    4. Credits
  9. Finally and if we have had time, each one of the group have to write a post in your kidblog and send me by edmodo. You have the assigment in the PE 6thB group.

When we finish, we will do a poll to know Which are the best?

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