jueves, 19 de abril de 2012


In these last units we will not do the popplets or the presentation in power points, we will use the web tool DIPITY to make our timeline. 

In the unit 11 we are working about PREHISTORY & ANTIQUITY.
How do you do the timeline?
Below you can watch a tutorial about how you do a timeline in DIPITY.
But the most important question is how we will do the events.
I will explain to you:
TITLE: You write the title of the event.
DATE: Write first the month, day, year. (Jan 1, 1900)
Remember if it is before christ you will have to write BC like this (Jan 1, 1900 BC)
Also if you want to explain a period of time you will have to write using "-" between years like this (500-1500)
DESCRIPTION: Write the description about the event. Remember to write the most important things.
PICTURE: You can upload from your computer or use the URL.
LINK: You can link the event with more information. (http://www.wikiforkids.ws/)
LOCATION:You can add the coordinates of the location with google maps (WATCH THE TUTORIAL)
VIDEO URL: You can add a video from youtube, google video...

When you will finish your timeline, you have to record the timeline explaining with a video.
You will use the web tool http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/

After you have to give to the teacher the video to upload in our youtube´s canal. 
Finally you will do the post in your blog with your video´s embed code.

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