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Follow the project #nuestros pueblos & #ourvillages.
You can find all the information about the project in this site:
 Follow the Tasks´ calendar, today we will start the task 5 "SINGING & PLAYING IN OUR VILLAGE"

  1. The teacher will explain the activity. The pupils will be divided in groups of four.
  2. The pupils will ask at home or in the street about typical songs and games.
  3. Each group should decide how they want to present "their song or game".
  4. Each group should write a script to present "their song or game".
      1. Song: you should explain a bit of history, what the topic is and sing the song. 
      2. Game: you should explain a bit of history, the name, the rules and show how you play this game.
  5. Each group will rec the video with the web tool WIQET. (Review the video)
  6. When you will have the video, you should copy the link and insert it in this wallwisher. You shoul write in the wallwisher:
      • Name of the song or game.
      • Group´s names.
      • TASK 5.
      • Insert the link.
    1. We will upload the wallwisher using wallwisher in https://sites.google.com/site/proyectonuestrospueblos/publicaciones-edicion-2012/tarea-5-cantamos-por-nuestro-pueblo
     Below you can look "the Aguilar´s songs and games".  

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