jueves, 11 de octubre de 2012


To review the unit 1 you are going to make your first presentation in gdocs.

  1. Describe the Van Gogh´s BEDROOM using the PREPOSITIONS and the Grammar ticket on the AB page 5:
    • Prepositions: behind, in, next to, under, between, in front of, on.
    • There is / There are
  2. Make ten questions to the INTERVIEW. (Show the teacher the script that will be used)
    • Using the grammar ticket on the AB page 7. Present simple questions.
    • Remember you don´t repeat the main verbs.
    • Make a script to interview your partner.
  3. Write a composition of your partner using the grammar ticket on the page 8.
    • Using the interview´s answers.
    • Ten sentences using Presente simple 3rd person singular
  4. Make a presentation gdocs with five slides about your superhero:
    • Cover page with the title, your name, your classroom and your school.
    • Van Gogh´s bedroom picture and its description.
    • Your interview which is uploading to youtube with the questions.
    • Composition of your partner with the ten sentences.
    • The farewell.
Don´t forget you to embed your presentation in a new post in kidblog. After send me the URL´s post to EDMODO by asignament.

And your evaluation will be with this rubric:


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