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As a final task for this Science Unit we invite you to create an electrical circuit and explain it to show all your knowlegde about this topic. You will work with a partner.

To create your electrical circuit you need the following:
  • 1.5 volt battery.
  • A light bulb holder.
  • A light bulb.
  • A switch.
  • Some wires.
In this video you can watch a person who is going to show you how to make the circuit. Let's have a look before you start to create you own one.

Now it's your turn. Let's create your own one. 

When you finish it, you will record a video explaning the electrical circuit. Before that you have to write down in your notebook the script. 

This notes may help you to do it:
  • Hello, We are...........
  • We've made an electrical circuit.
  • The electrical circuit has got four basic componect.
    • Generator: It is the source of electricity.
    •  .....
    •  ......
    • ......
  • In my circuit this is the Generator, then the electricity travels through this wires,....................
  • Bye, Bye. We hope you've understood and you've liked it.
Then upload your video to you Youtube Channel and create a post in your kidblog. In the post you have to:
  • Say Hello.
  • Explain this is the final task of the Science Unit.
  • In this Science unit we have learnt the four parts of the circuit which are:
    • Generator............
    • .........
    • ...........
    • ............
  • We have created one circuit and recorded the explanation in this video.
  • Insert the video.
  • Say Bye, Bye
You will be asses with this rubric. 

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