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eTwinning "The Mass Media in our daily life" Year 5 presentation

This year we are going to run an eTwinning project. Do you know what eTwinning is? Maybe you can discover with this video. Please try to represent into your Thinking Diary with a picture.

Our eTwinning project will join our school with a school in England, in a town called Guildford. The school is Holy Trinity Pewley Down School. 

Our project is focused on Mass Media. The title is "The Mass Media in our daily life" and we are going to read, investigate, create and enjoy the radio, the televison or the newspapers. In the website created for the project you will have all the information about it and all the final products we are going to do.  

So now you know all the basic information about the project so it will be time to start working on it. To start would be great to introdruce ourselves to them, and then we will know who we are going to work with. 

We will divide this task in to parts:

  • STEP 1: Have a look to the two examples your teachers have done for you in the following presentation. 

  • STEP 2: Your teacher will share the presentation with you and you will complete the first slide which is with your name. 
  • STEP 3: You have to record the podcast using a new tool VOCAROO.  You will click on record, accept the computer to use your microphone, speak, and click stop. DON'T CLOSE THE WEBSITE WITHOUT COPYING THE LINK. 
      • Tips for the recording:
        • Say Hello
        • Read the sentences you have created for the presentation, don't read the headlines.
          • My name is ...
          • My birthday is on... I am ...
          • My parents' names are... I have...
          • I like (verb + ing)...
        • Say Bye, Bye
  • STEP 4: Link the picture of the second slide of your part with the vocaroo link. For that you have to click in the picture. Click insert and choose link, then you paste the link to your vocaroo.

We are going to include all of this activity in our digital portfolio so you have to create a post with the following parts:

  1. Your photo.
  2. The sentences about you. 
  3. The link to the vocaroo.
  4. The learning diary:
      • What have I learnt with this task?
      • Did I have to go back on something?
      • How did I learn along this task?
      • What do I want to learn more about?
Remember you have to add the tags, to order an classify the information into your blog. This time the tags will be:

      • colsangregorio.
      • RedXXI
      • English
      • Year5
      • eTwinning.
      • Presentation. 
This is our example.
Once you have finished you have to submit your task to your teacher using Classroom. For that you have to click into the title of your post in the blog and copy and paste your link into the Classroom Assignment. 

Teacher's assesment (60% of the final mark) Maximum 16 points

Self-assesment (20% of the final mark) Maximum 16 points

P2P (Peer to peer assesment) (20% of the final mark) Maximum 16 points
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