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Project: Our Eco-Decalogue

After all the motivation and reflection about the Enviromental problems it would be time to work on it on a clear way. With this project: OUR ECO-DECALOGUE.

Let's create your Learning Diary and share it with your mates and your teacher. Here you are a useful example.

STEP 1: With the Cooperative Learning Technique: SPIN THE SHEET.

The student will look for some actions to do in order to solve the problems they have discovered in the previous part. We need to finish with at least 10 different actions.The Recorder of the groups will read the final conclusions to the rest and the teacher will write them on the blackboard. With all of them we will create a final decalogue. We will write the final ones in a shared document for everybody to be sure anything is repeated.

STEP 2: Each group of four will have an action of the ten to represent and record a short video using Touchcast with the minIpads. So the student will have to write a short script about what will be in the video and which photo will they use to record it.
The video should have three very short parts:
  • A situation explaining a wrong action.
  • A situation explaining a good action.
  • The sentences from the decalogue.

For example:
We are at home eating the afternoon snack, when the boy finishes the juice throws it to the paper bin. The mum explains he has to recycle it and he has to throw to the yellow bin. And then you say the sentences about the decalogue.

  • Remember to use the grammar about the present simple CB 145.

STEP 3: Recording the videos at the Image Lab. For the recording we will use a special App in the Ipads to record using the Green Screen Effect. It is called Touchcast. Here you have a website created by Rosa Liarte about how to work with Touchcast

STEP 4: Let's edit the video into WEVIDEO. Create at least a title for it. You should upload your video into Vimeo.

  • Title: Point         of our Eco-Decalogue.
  • Description: This video was created by ........... for the project the Pollution at Colegio San Gregorio in Aguilar de Campoo.
  • Tags:
    • Colsangregorio.
    • Science
    • Year 5.
    • Pollution.
    • Eco-decalogue.

STEP 5: Create a QR-code using UNITAG. With the video and the QR codes there would be a group who is going to generate an Inphography using PIkTOCHART.

STEP 7: Create your final post in your portafolio.

  • Hello my name is ........... 
  • These are the final products of our project.......... Along this task we have learnt and thought about about............
  • Learning Diary:
    • What have I learnt with this task?
    • Did I have to go back on something?
    • How did I learn along this task?
    • What do I want to learn more about?
  • The tags will be;
    • Colsangregorio
    • Eco-decalogue
    • Pollution
    • Science
    • Year 5
Here you are a very helpful example about how to create your post.

STEP 8: Sent to your teacher through Microsoft Classroom. 


Teacher's assesment (60% of the final mark) Maximum 24 points.

Self-assesment (20% of the final mark) Maximum 24 points.
Diana de evaluación our eco decalogue from Javier Ramos Sancha

Peer's assesment (20% of the final mark) Maximum 24 points.

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