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Today we are going to create a comic in which you will tell everybody something that happened to you during holidays, at school, at home....

We propose you to do two different activities to tell anecdote:
  1. FIRST ACTIVITY:  You will create a comic with a new tool of the Web 2.0: Toondoo. With this tool you will create a comic with at least four frames.  In the story you have to tell the anecdote as it would be happened right now. So you will use the present of the verbs. (Be careful with the third person)

If you click on the next image you will be redirected to the new tool website.

2. SECOND ACTIVITY: If you have finished with your Comic, it's time to start with the next activity. Now you are going to retell the story in a paragraph. This time you are going to speak about one past fact so you will use the past tense of the verbs. (Try to review what we have learnt in the lessons during the last weeks). This video can refresh your learning. 

    Remember you also have the Grammar Tickets about the past tense in your activity book.

    We recommend you to write in a papper as a draft, before writing in your kidblog, this will help you to write it correctly, without any grammar or spelling mistake. (Remember to use your dictionary or

    3. THIRD ACTIVITY: Let's go on with the third activity! Now you have to prepare the post in your kidblog. It must have four parts:

    • Introduction: Hello everybody, I'm going to tell you an anecdote that happened to me when ............... Let's read the comic.
    • Comic (you have to use the embed code, you can obtain it in the TOONDOO website, remember look for <>)
    • Paragraph: Write the story in a paragraph using the past tense. (The one that you have written in as a draft in a paper)
    • Farewell: That's all! I hope you have enjoyed your reading. 

    4. FOURTH ACTIVITY: And the last step to finish. Now you have to send the link of your kidblog to your teacher. You should do it through an assigment you will have in your EDMODO.

    To focus all your efforts here you have the rubric in where you will find all the points the teacher will pay attention for the assesment part. Have a look before starting creating your story. 

    rúbrica comic-redacción

    Do your best!

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