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A bit of history: Pancake Day takes place in Britain on Shrove Tuesday in February. It started as a celebration to use up all the eggs in the kitchen before Lent. All over Britain people make pancakes and they eat them with sugar and lemon juice.
People also have pancake races. The most famous race takes place in the village of Olney in England. Only women and girls can take part. The race started in the 15th century. The story is that on Shrove Tuesday 1445, a woman wanted pancakes for her breakfast. She was in her kitchen when suddenly she heard the church bells.
She ran outside to go to the church - in her apron and with her frying pan in her hand!
Now there are pancake races all over Britain.

So you have learnt a bit of history about PANCAKE DAY and now you are wondering:
  • What do I need ? (Look the album)
      • Traditional costume housewife:
        • Apron.
        • Head covering.
        • Skirt.
        • Frying pan.
  • How long is the race?
      • Depend of the day and your resistance :) Look the map: 
    Ver PANCAKE RACE AT SAN GREGORIO 2012 en un mapa más grande
  • What is the prize?
      • Depend of the teachers. Maybe the winner could eat all the pancakes. (Look the album)

Here you can find two recipes to cook pancakes.
This is the British´s typical, is such as a crep:

This is the American:

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