jueves, 7 de febrero de 2013

CHANGES IN MATTER (Unit 6-Science Y5)

We are learning about MATTER, PROPERTIES OF MATTER and today we are getting to know CHANGES IN MATTER.

First we will watch this video, even though you have to answer these three questions on your notebook:
  • How many types of changes in matter are there?
  • Can you explain to the rest of the class what a physical change is?
  • Can you explain to the rest of the class what a chemical change is?
The video is on this web page:
Also we are going to make the test yourself in common.

There are two types:

 The object or substance changes, but the matter remains the same.

The original matter changes into a different substance.

To get to know more about Physical changes and Chemical changes we are going to visit this webpage:

Physical changes:

Chemical changes:

To refresh Changes in matter you shoul do this activity:

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