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THE LANDSCAPE (Unit 8-Science Y5)

It's time to get to know a new topic THE LANDSCAPE.

First of all, we are going to watch beautiful landscapes.

Look at the photo:

Answer these questions. We are going to divide the class in four groups and each group is going to use a landscape:
What can you see in these landscapes?
Is everything natural, or are some things man-made?
Are trees natural features?
Are mountains natural features?
Are houses or buildings man-made?
Are roads man-made?

It is all the different features of the Earth's surface.


Mountains are raised parts of the Earth's surface.

Hills have lower altitude than mountains.

 Altitude is the height of something above sea level, or the Earth's surface.

Several mountains grouped together.
A MOUNTAIN CHAIN is a long line of mountain range.

Can you tell an example of mountain range and other of mountain chain?

Valleys are low areas between mountains. 
What are you often found in the valleys?

Which has a higher altitude a hill or a mountain?

Which has a higher altitude a hill or a valley?

Plains are large areas of flat land with no hills or slopes.

A plateau is a plain at a high altitude.

Depressions are plains which are lower than the surrounding land.
 Coastal plains are flat land near the coast.

Then, thinking in pairs about an example near your village.
Finally you can make these activities:

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