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We are going to finish with this unit 7. First we have learnt about  THE ATMOSPHERE. Second we have discovered THE HYDROSPHERE.  Third we have learnt about THE GEOSPHERE.
Finally we are going to learn about VOLCANOES, EARTHQUAKES and WEATHERING.


How many times do you see when a volcano erupts?

Volcanoes form in places where there is magma, red-hot liquid rock, just under the surface.

The parts of a VOLCANO

Where does the magma go?

What is a circular opening which the magma emerges through it called?

What does it emerge through thre crater?

Layers of lava and ash cool and solidify around the crater, and form a VOLCANIC CONE.

If you want  to get to know more about VOLCANOES, you could look at this webpage:


Could you tell us what the earthquakes are caused by?

EARTHQUAKES are caused by the movements of the Earth's crust.


What is the action of wind and water called?

When we will have finished to watch the video, we are going to test yourself:

EROSION is the removal of soil and rocks by wind and water.

TRANSPORT is the movement of eroded material.

SEDIMENTATION is the accumulation of eroded material from other places.

To review everything we are going to make these activities:

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