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A HISTORY MAGAZINE (History-Science Y6)

You are going to become a history journalist!!!

After a term full of history lessons. We are going to investigate about the history of our area, publish an article and create a History Magazine in the class.

The article will have five parts:
  • Title (It should be atractive, not just the name of the History period)
  • Historical context of the period, some short information talking about history.
  • Documentary about this period. (It should be an storytelling about daily life in this historical period)
  • Brief summary about what happened in our area (Aguilar de Campoo)
  • The authors and from which websites or books you took the information (the bibliography).
As we have done in all the tasks it is very important to follow the process and the following steps:

1. We will divide the class into 9 groups (most of them will be pairs and some will be threes)
      • Prehistory. 
      • Preroman times.
      • Roman Times
      • Visigothics.
      • Muslims.
      • Christian Kingdoms.
      • Catholic Monarchs and XVI century.
      • XVIII Century.
      • XIX Century.
2. Let's review all the history posts to look for information about your history period. 

3. Write a short summary for the HISTORICAL CONTEXT  with the important facts.

4. CREATE a documentary or "storytelling" about life in the historical period:
5. With the following links INVESTIGATE and WRITE a paragraph about this historical period in our area of Aguilar de Campoo. 
6. You will create your article for the Magazine. We are going to use a new app to  create it:

This video will help you to know how to deal with it: 
(It was done by @jferna35)

Your teacher will say to you what page of the magazine you have to do and also the username and the password to enter in your class magazine.

7. Each member of the group will write a post in the kidblog as it was a page of the magazine. And send it to the teacher through the EDMODO. 

  • The final score will be up to 100 points.
  • 50 points will be given by the teachers. (Using the rubric)
  • 28 will be given by self-evaluation. (Using the rubric, it is done individually)
  • 22 will be given to each member of the team. (Give out maximum 22 points to each member of the group)

  • You are going to create a paper as draft. You have to include:
    • Your name and members of your group.
    • Your self-evaluation with the rubric. (Maximum 28 points)
    • Your team member's points. (Maximun 22 points)


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