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PREHISTORY (Unit 12-Science Y5)

Let's start a new topic, as we are used to, we are going to start with a THINKING ROUTINE. We are going to look for CSI (Colour, Symbol, Image). In the following chart you will have to colour, look for a symbol and draw an image about the topic PREHISTORY. 

We will watch this video about general information about prehistory. At the end of it you will have to answer these questions:
  • What are the characteristics of prehistoric hunter?
  • What are the characteristics of HOMO ERECTUS?
  • What are the characteristica NEANTHERTAL?

The long period before the invention of writing. 

Stone Age.

Half million years ago. Stone tools were used.

Paleolithic period.
People moved from place to place.
Hunting, fishing and gathering plants.

Neolitic period. 
People lived permanently in one place. 
Farmers, crops, domestic animals.

Metal Ages.

Seven thounsand year ago. Metal tools were used.
The wheel was invented.
First cities were built. 

Paleolithic Period: They made tools and weapons hitting one stone against another.

Neolithic Period: They made polished stone tools and weapons, also pots and cloth.

Metal Ages: They made metal tools, weapons and jewellery.

Cave paintings, like Altamira Cave, are manificent works of art.
They often paint animals. 


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