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Roman Hispania (Unit 12-Science Y5)

In the previous lessons we have learnt about THE PREHISTORY and THE IBERIAN PENINSULA IN PRE-ROMAN TIMES.

Now we are going to finish this topic talking about ROMAN HISPANIA. To introduce this topic we are going to use a video about a Spanish City. At the end of the video you have to answer this question:

  • What reminds or things does the video show us about Roman Times?

2000 years ago Romans defeated the Cartaginiasn. 
The peninsula became part of Roman Empire: HISPANIA
At the end conquered tribes adopted Roman customs and spoke latin.

Hispania was Roman for 600 years.

After about 400 A.D the Roman Empire weakened.
Visigothic entered in the peninsula from the north part of Europe.

The Roman founded many cities like Tarraco (Tarragona), Sagunto and Hispalis (Sevilla)

They were modelled on Rome.
They had two main streets and the forum 
(large public square for important events)

Roman cities were connected by excellent stone roads.


Temples were used for religious purposes

Theatres, amphitheatres and circuses were used for entertainment.

Aqueducts transported water.

Public bath houses used hot water. 


Let's use the THINKING ROUTINE: THE TRAFFIC LIGHTS. With the green you will say what you know, in orange what you need some support to achieve it and in red what you haven't achive or you have lot of problems. 

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