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SIMPLE MACHINES (Natural Science Year 5)

We are going to continue learning about MACHINES, today we are going to focus our attention in the SIMPLE MACHINES. To start with the topic we are going to watch a video and think about it a bit using a THINKING ROUTINE: I used to think .......... but now I think.

For the first part of the Thinking Routine write I used to think....... What do you know about Leonardo Da Vinci? Who was? Do you know why he was important? 

Now let's have a look to the video: 

For the second part of the Thinking Routine write But now I think......  What do you know about Leonardo Da Vinci? Who was? Why was he important for? Was he just a great artist?

A lever is a rigid bar which is blanced on a point, the fulcrum (Ful), the pivot in which the lever moves. We use it to transmit force. We apply a force (F) to one end of the lever, and we move the Load (L) which is in the other end. 

There are three different kinds of lever depending on where the different elements of the lever is. We can have a look of them in the following picture. We have some levers in our body!!!! Do you know?

Muscle Levers, spanglerscience
  • First-class: Fulcrum is located between the force and the load.
  • Second-class: Load is located between the fulcrum and the force.
  • Thrid-class: The force is located between the fulcrum and the load.
A wheel is a circular object that rotates around a central axis and allow objects to roll. 

Tire,  CZmarlin , CC0

A ramp is very useful to save force. We use inclined plans to raise or lower objects with less force. 


If we wrap an inclined plane around a cylinder or axis we make a srew. We use screws to fix pieces. 

If we join two inclined planes we get a wedge. We use wedge in many machines or tools to separate two objects when we apply a force, like an axe. 


A pulley is a wheel with a groove which guides a rope. Twe we pull the rope, the object rise. 

Simple machines make our life really easy, and we are surrounded by lots of them. Are you aware about it? Maybe not, with the following task we want you to be aware about all of them and how important they are. 

Let's think in your daily life and try to identify what the most important simple machine for you. Once you have decided let's join the padlet. Write a note on it with:
  • Name of the simple machine.
  • Why it is important for you.
  • Make a picture about the situation in where you use it and upload a photo. We can lend you the mini Ipads. 

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