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STRUCTURES & MACHINES (Natural Science Year 5)

What is a structure?

A structure is a group of elements which can support weight. There are two kinds of structures:

  • Natural structures: The skeleton.
  • Artificial structures: A shelf. 

The resistant of the structure depends on the material and the shape. 

Let's think on different structures you can have around you in your daily life. We are going to do it using a Cooperative Learning Technique: Let's spin the sheet. Think on one structure: the name of it and a picture. Use your notebooks so at the end each member of the group will have the four different structures. In the following presentation you will know how to work with this technique.

Let's have a look to the following video, along it you will have some questions to answer it. 
It will be an assesment tool, but for that you have to register on EDpuzzle. To join your class you can use Edmodo user and password. We have created two classes, enter the code to join them:

Bridges are structures that can support very large forces. They can support:
  • Their own weight.
  • The movement caused of the wind and the cars.
There are different kinds of bridges depending the structure:
  • Bridges made up of arches, usually done by stones.
  • Girder bridges made up by triangular parts. They can be very long bridges.

  • Suspension brigde, upside-down arch with cables. 

Let's investigate a bit about famous bridges. You will choose one bridge and investigate some date you will post in the following padlet. 
  • Photo.
  • Name and place.
  • Architect and the year it was built.
  • Kind of bridge and materials.
We are going to work in cooperative groups so each role will have mission to do.
  • Leader: Distribute which part each person will investigate. 
  • Scribe: Check all the information is complete before uploading into the padlet.
  • Recorder: Write down everybody information into the padlet.
  • Time Keeper: Be sure everybody does the task in 15 minutes.

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