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LESSON OF ENGLISH 5th (10/3/11) 
  • Put in pairs.
  • Think about the animal card which you did it in the activity book.
  • Go to these websites:
    • Choose an animal in danger and do the animal card. Example-->Kiwi. You must show the animal to  your teacher, because you can´t choose the animal which other pair chooses it before.
    • Find information about the animal which you choose with your partner. The information which you can find is this. (Like the information card in page 50 of activity book)
      • Group: bird.
      • Special: can´t fly, long beak.
      • Lives: forests.
      • Country: New Zealand.
      • How big?: compare with another animal.
      • Food: worms, insects.
      • Numbers: 1930 - 5 million, today - 70000.
      • In danger: why this animal is in danger?
    • After you have found the information, make sentences with this information.
    • Check with your teacher the sentences.
    • Make the slide. To make the slide you must look up on internet an image of the animal.
    • Finally send the presentation to your teacher by email and after you can see all the slides together in the blog.
    This is an example of slide

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    Come on, I am waiting your slides.

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