lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011


The next 23rd of March Wednesday, you will make the test of Unit 5.
You have to study the vocabulary of unit 5 (animals, past verbs...)
Also you have to study the form to make the adverbs of manner (add to the adjective -ly or others...)
But today we review the comparatives and superlatives in this website. There are things which you did not learn but don´t worry, just do it. Please click on the image and you will go to the website.
 Come on, review everything and i wish you good luck in the test.

PD: If you want to do this activity about Sao Paulo. You can check
Adjectives, Comparatives, Superlatives - The city of São Paulo (BR), by deinha
Find this and other adjectives exercises in English Exercises .org

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