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UNIT 6 IRELAND- Lesson 1

This unit we will work about Ireland. Why Ireland? Because you know that I lived a year in this country.
But the most important reason is that the official language is the English in this country.
The final task in this unit is a touristic guide about Ireland. How do you do it? We will divide the class in groups of 5 persons.
Each day we will do things to put in our touristic guide and finally each group will have a complete touristic guide about Ireland.
Today the 28th of March we will do the first lesson.
Session 1 Choose the Country
Activity 1
            The first session will consist in identifying the countries which speak English; because you will choose one of them to make a touristic guide.

            For this activity we will need a big world map. Next, I will ask you if you know any countries where English is spoken. You write the name using the world map.
If you don´t know any countries, I will help you.
After that the groups will decide which country they want to work on for the guide.

Activity 2
When the groups choose the country (Ireland), I will ask them some questions to asses their previous knowledge.
-          Have you ever been to Ireland?
-          Did you enjoy it?
-          What is the capital of Ireland?
-          What is the name of the inhabitants?
-          What is the typical food?
-          What is the religion?
-          What is the main public holiday?

Activity 3
I will give two maps of the island of Ireland to the students. One map is divided into provinces and the provinces are broken up into counties. And the other doesn´t have names. You will guess the names (with the help of some cards, you will make these cards) the missing names. For example a card will be the next: 
Munster is a provinces in the south of Connaught. 
It has got 6 counties (Clare, Kerry, Cork, Limerick, Tipperary and Waterford). 
Kerry is the west-est county in this province.
Cork is under Limerick and of the east of Kerry.
Waterford is the east-est county in this province.
Clare is the upper in this province.
And now you know where is Tipperary.
Next to the map, you have several cards, where different clues are shown to help with guessing the correct positions.
The final result will be a sheet. This sheet shows a map of Ireland with several notes about its division and its location. This sheet will be included in the final guide.
The sheet will be like this, but with the four cards:

Information card about munster

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