miércoles, 16 de enero de 2013


The previous days we have been learning about NUTRITION and the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM.
Today it's time to find out the RESPIRATORY SYSTEM and the EXCRETORY SYSTEM.


Why do we need to breathe?

What are the two breathing movements we make?

Discover the answers.

We need oxygen to lived.
The function to obtain oxygen from the air is carried out by the respiratory system 

To know more we are going to watch this video:

 It is made up of the nose, air passageways and the lungs.

Do you know what it happens in the alveoli?

When we inhale, our lungs fill with air.
When we exhale, air leaves the lungs.


It is the elimination of the waste substances.

To know more we are going to watch this video:

What do we call the process that eliminates waste substances from the blood?

What are the main organs?

The sweat gland in the skin also help in excretion.

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