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THE EARTH (Unit 7-Science Y6)

As we have learn the Earth in the last lesson the Earth is the third planet of the SOLAR SYSTEM. Like the song said to us it has got land and sea, this is why it seems to be blue.


The earth has two kind of movements:

This video may clarify the two concepts for you:

REVOLUTION: It is the movement of the earth around the Sun. It takes 365 days and 6 hours. This is why we have LEAP YEARS every four years. The orbit around the sun it isn't a circle, IT IS AN ELLIPSE.

ROTATION: The earth has an invisible axis, and the earth rotates on it. It takes 24 hours. At any time there is half part facing the sun and half part facing away the sun. THIS IS WHY WE HAVE DAY AND NIGHT, and this is why the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. 

SEASONS: We have different seasons depending on what part of the orbit around the sun the Earth is. It is hotter when the Earth is nearer the Sun, and it is colder when it is further from the Sun. We also have different season depending on the hemisphere because of the slighty tilted axis. 

The best thing for learning something is doing it. SO LET MAKE A SHORT PLAY TO EXPLAIN THE ROTATION AND REVOLUTION OF THE EARTH.

  1. A torch.
  2. Some  labels: The Moon, The Earth, The Sun, etc..
  3. The script.
In your group you are going to create a short play to explain the rest of the class how the Earth rotates and revolves around the Sun, also you should explain why do we have seasons and day and night. 

LET'S CHECK ALL YOUR LEARNING WITH THIS LINK  (You can show how the Earth moves and also do the quizz)

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