viernes, 18 de enero de 2013


This unit you have been learning about THE SOLAR SYSTEM, THE EARTH, THE MOON and ECLIPSES and finally STARS, CONSTELLATIONS and GALAXIES.

As a final task and project of this unit we are going to invite you to create a lesson about what you have learnt. We want you to be as much original as you can. 

Here you have some guidelines to help you to work:

  • You are going to do this final task with your class group.
  • The explanation will include the four parts of the unit:
    • The Solar System (planets and the sun)
    • The Earth (rotation and revolution)
    • The Moon (lunar phases) and Eclipses
    • Stars, constellations and galaxies. 
  • You have TO DO YOUR BEST: 
    • A performance.
    • A model.
    • Record a video and show it.
    • Create a song.
    • ....
    • The main objective is TO BE ORIGINAL
  • You will have four lessons to do it.
  • The final task will be shown to the rest of the class group along the last week of January (From the 28th to the 1st of February).

The presentation of the activity and the performance will have a SCRIPT, which you should show to the teacher before acting:
  • START: Group´s presentation and activity´s presentation.
  • NUB: Explain the activity. Each member of the group has got a role in the performance. (Explain with your own words)
  • ENDING: Activity´s conclusion and farewell.
Also you have to do a STORY BOARD, remember the example:

To evaluate your project we will use the following rubric. 
Rúbrica para evaluar la EXPRESIÓN ORAL


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