viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013



This activity has been our last teamwork task. 
We usually made these kind of tasks to review units of English.
On the other hand, today we are going to change our evaluation system.
The teachers evaluate with rubrics your tasks but now we are going to evaluate them in a different way.

How is it going to be?
  • The final score will be up to 100 points.
  • 50 points will be given by the teachers. (Using the rubric)
  • 26 will be given by self-evaluation. (Using the rubric, it is done individually, you will divide by two your total score)
  • 24 will be given to each member of the team. (Give out maximum 24 points to each member of the group)

You are going to create a paper as draft. You have to include:
  • Your name and members of your group.
  • Your self-evaluation with the rubric. (Maximum 26 points)
  • Your team member's points. (Maximun 24 points)

Here it is the rubric

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