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To review unit 2 "Computer Zone" we will create a presentation about the ideal classroom. We will use Google Drive and Youtube.

1.Let's propose to your partner to go on Virtual Reality Trip and tell him or her where he or she is at that moment. Record a video asking him or her about what can feel there. (Ask five questions). Upload the video into Youtube. CREATE A SCRIPT AND SHOW TO THE TEACHER BEFORE YOU START RECORDING WITH YOUR MATE. (Remember to take in account: introduction, the body and the farewell)

  1. Title: VRT interview (Your names) 
  2. Description: VRT interview (Your names) Y5A
  3. Tags: colsangregorio, redxxi, English Y5, my ideal classroom
    • Imagine you are in .......
    • What can you touch/smell/...?
      • Use grammar ticket A.B page 14.
      • Key words: Sense verbs (Picture dictionary Unit 2 A.B page 85)

2. Make a picture about your ideal class. How you want to distribute tables, spaces, blackboards.... On the floorplan you have to write what each picture is. Then upload a photo of your plan into the presentation.  

3. Create your own timetable. Create a table with the lessons of a week at school.

  • In this timetable you can distribute the time as you want. 
  • Decide what days of the week you will go to the school, when the school starts and when it finishes. 
  • And then what subjects you want to study. Not only add our daily subjects, but also BE CREATIVE and try to add new subjects you would like to study at the school. 
4. I have a dream. Describe your ideal class and your own timetable.
  • Six sentences about your class.
    • Use: 
      • It has.... / There is .... / There are .....
      • Prepositions of place: In, on, under, in front of, behind, next to,....
  • Six sentences about your timetable.
    • Use:
      • I have .......... at (time)/on (day)
      • Grammar ticket Present simple + times A.B. page 17.
      • Key words: School subjects, Days of the week and Telling the time (Picture dictionary Unit 2 A.B page 85)
5. Make a Google Drive Presentation following the pattern given as an example.


7. Create a post into the Kidblog. Remember write an introduction, then embed the presentation and also write a farewell in the post.

8. Send me the link of your post through the EDMODO assignment. 


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