viernes, 8 de noviembre de 2013


Here you have some useful sentences for recording your videos. Don't forget when you are recording a video that you are doing a speech. 

In this kind of speeches maybe is useful for you to have some sentences to link your ideas. 


  • Hello, hi, Good morning everybody.
  • I'm ...............
  • I want to (present my mind maps about......, tell a story about...., .....).
  • The first mind map is about..........
  • Let's move onto the second mind map. It is about........
  • I will continue with the third mind map. It is about.....
  • Let's go with the mind map. It is about.....
  • This is the last one. It is about.....
  • Good Bye.
  • I hope you liked it and understood.
  • Thank you for the time you spend listening to me.
  • I will be very glad if you leave a comment.
WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU TO WRITE A SHORT SCRIPT. This will be for you to remember what to  say when you are recording. 

IMPORTANT. You can use some of these sentences to write your post on the Kidblog. 

BYE, BYE  I hope you found this post useful for your next video recording. 

Your teachers. 

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