viernes, 17 de octubre de 2014

MY OWN BLOG (Kidblog)

Could you remember that we are going to have our own blog?

First of all, I am going to present the classroom blog.

The second part will be to introduce you, our own blog and how you will use it.
It will be our portfolio digital:

If you do click on the picture you will go to the kidblog.

You could watch this screen and you have to LOG IN (follow the arrow).
When you click in LOG IN, immediately this picture will appear. Here you have to select "Select your name" and you will have to write your password. Your password is "colegio".
When you are inside of kidblog, we will have to go to "Control Panel" to change our "password" and write the password that you would like it. 

Remember to use the same password that in gmail, edmodo, classdojo and other places. You can note in a safety place as well.
To change the password you have to go to the tab PROFILE and to write the "Old Password" (colegio) and the "New Password". Look the picture:

This will be your digital portfolio.

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