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Al Andalus (Unit 13-Science Y5)

Today we are going to work with a new THINKING ROUTINE. It is called THE MISTERY QUESTION. You have to think on what we learnt the last lesson: THE VISIGOTHS. Once you have in mind you have to create a question that maybe one of your partners could not understand. The teacher will try to answer and explain better that points.

Once we have solved all the questions and everything is clear we are going to watch a video to learn a bit more about AL-ANDALUS. Pay attention because at the end of the video you have to answer the following question:
  • Where did the first Muslim enter through to start the conquest of Spain?


In 711A.D. Muslims from northern Africa invaded Visigothic Spain. 

Hispania was called Al-Andalus.

Muslims brought their customs, laws and religion. 

The highest authority was the CALIPH and the religion was ISLAM

They lived in cities. They were merchants and craftsmen.

Christians live in the country in the north of Península, the highest authority was the KING. They were farmers. 

The peninsula was occupied by Muslims for almost eight hundred years.

They lived in walled cities on hills. 

They built palaces and Mosques.

They most important city was Córdoba the capital.


Muslims occupied the south, but there were indepedent Christian Kingdoms in the pas in the north like: Kingdom of Asturias, later the kingdom of Leon. 

At the end of the period the KINGDOM OF CASTILE was formed. 


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