lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

UNIT 6 IRELAND Lesson 6 Symbols

Session 6  Symbols
Activity 1
To this activity, we will show the pupils a presentation with the main Irish symbols and its meaning: the shamrock, the Leprechaun, the pot of gold and the Green Hat. In case they do not understand some words, teacher will help them to understand the key words.
-          Shamrock: it is one the main symbols of Ireland and it is the symbol of good luck.
-          Leprechaun: it is a little goblin who works making shoes. He has a treasure of gold coins and, in case you catch one, they reveal you the treasure.
-          Hat: it is the traditional hat of St. Patricks Day. It is green
-          Pot of gold: Irish Folklore has it that if you follow the rainbow, you will find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Activity 2
We will play the next two games:

Activity 3
Each group will receive a sheet with the main symbols of Ireland and they will have to write a little paragraph with the main characteristics of the symbol and draw a picture.
irish symbols
The final result of this session will be a sheet with pictures of the main symbols and their explanation paragraphs.

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