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UNIT 6 Ireland, lesson 8 natural place

Session 8 Natural place
Activity 1
The teacher will explain the way to form the past form of the verbs in English (both regulars and irregulars) and I will write the potentially key  words on the blackboard. I will consider that activity as a Pre-Reading Activity. I will use two videos to learn this.

Activity 2
Next, we will go to the next page LEGEND OF THE GIANT´S CAUSEWAY and once we arrive there, we will divide the pupils into 3 groups. Then, I will show them a photograph about a natural place such as `the giant´s causeway´ and I will tell them the story aloud, but I will do this with the help of this webpage www.readthewords.com. or the program panopreter plus. 

I will ask the pupils to play the roles of the story (each group will be a character). They should play the roles in the correct order. We consider that as a While-Reading Activity.

Activity 3
I will give the pupils a photocopy with the story written, but the story has blanks. They will have fill in the blanks with the past form of the verbs that are next to the blanks, inside brackets. This activity is going to be considered as Post-Reading Activity. 
Legend of the Giant

The final contribution of this session to the tourist guide will be a sum up of the story of the legend of the giant´s causeway, with the photograph of this natural place. 

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