miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011

UNIT 6 - Lesson 4

Session 4  Traditional clothes
Activity 1 
In this session the pupils will learn the comparatives and superlatives. The teacher will start the session watching their slide cast about animals in danger and with an explanation and some examples.

Then, pupils will watch other slide share on internet and i will explain this. After we will make some exercises on the comparatives and the superlatives. Oral exercises because they worked this in the previous unit.

Activity 2
The teacher will show a slide-share about the vocabulary of clothes. It will serve to remember the vocabulary about the clothes.
Activity 3
The teacher will give two different pictures to each group. The teacher will send the pupils the sheet. In this sheet there are two pictures will show the traditional clothes of Ireland and of Palencia – those that they use to dress up for their public holidays. With these pictures, pupils will write a comparison about these traditional clothes.

The final contribution to the guide in this session will be a sheet with the comparison between the traditional clothes of Ireland and Palencia.

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