jueves, 7 de abril de 2011

UNIT 6 - Lesson 5

Session 5  Food
Activity 1
Pupils will learn the vocabulary about food with a presentation. After we will see the vocabulary  of cooking verbs.

Cooking Verbs
add - añadir
bake - hornear
beat - batir
boil - hervir
chop - picar
cook - cocinar
cool - enfriar
cut - cortar
fry - freír
grate - gratinar, moler, rayar
grill - asar
melt - derretir
mix - mezclar
peel - pelar
pour - echar, servir
slice - rebanar
steam - cocinar a vapor
stir - menear, revolver

Activity 2
The teacher will explain all possible actions with the different items of food.
The teacher will make an activity, using the game “Simon says”, but using flashcards (presentation) and they will have to say all possible actions with the different items of food.

Activity 3
The teacher will give a website of Irish recipe to the class. After that each group will look the website with the different recipes, they will have to choose one from each group: one group should take a salad, another a starter, a main course and the dessert.

At the end of the session, they will join together all the recipe to attach them together in the final “tourist guide”.

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