lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

UNIT 6 IRELAND, lesson 7 Monuments

Session 7  Monuments
Activity 1
We want the pupils to learn and understand some vocabulary related to directions to be able to understand, move and work with a map. The vocabulary related to directions that they are going to study is: near, far from, next to, between, turn right/left, go straight ahead/on and the way to ask for some itineraries.
We will do a brain storming and then, they will have to discover by themselves how to create a conversation, asking for an itinerary.
After that, by pairs, we are going to give them 2 directions to work about the directions:

Activity 2
We are going to make a role-playing game. Within each group, we will appoint some pupils that will be the tourists and some other that will be the policemen. The idea is tourists should ask policemen the itinerary to a monument and the policemen should explain the way to the monument using the directions vocabulary.

Activity 3
Teacher will give the students an index card with a pair of maps of the center of Dublin. We explain them that they are going to stay in Dublin for some days and they have to see the main monuments.
To that, they have both itineraries: The idea is they have to describe both itineraries, telling what they would see and the way they would follow.

The final contribution of this session will be a map of the centre of Dublin and instructions for how to visit the main monuments.

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